Classy Neutrals

3.Classy Neutrals Classy neutrals for fall , enduring pieces that you can never go wrong with. I feel like these are the type of garments that you don`t have to think about too much. Classic classy items such as a black leather jacket and a white blouse go perfectly together, just add a pop of color with...

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Timeless Boho Love

Boho Style. sound of beauty style Boho Style is absolutely timeless. We first saw it in the 60`s with a hippie influence and since then it is known by  flowy textures and hip elements. Garments, such as dresses with movement, made of lace or colorful prints are the essentials. Jean shorts, a basic top and chunky sweater...

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Fashionable Fun Love <3


It's a fact, all we need is love! I went to see a few architect offices and I saw this amazing and lovely wall in the middle of Culver City. Love is about affection, kindness, emotions, relationships and this astonishing graffiti shows that passion in an artistic and fun way. Usually I don`t...

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