ambas 9- sound of beauty style

Sense of freedom and Lightness, Ambas is a beautiful Italian brand that creates beachwear and lounge clothing. Now presenting their Boho Glam resort SS15 collection, Ambas has built a remarkable stamp on women’s fashion wear, by combining simplicity and refined garments with elegance and versatility. Ambas swimwear collection is made in Italy with the softest Italian lycra. They also combine Italian creativity with Indian craftsmanship, developing precious cashmere fleece handmade by master artisans and dresses, ponchos, djellabas, kaftans, all with velvet finishing made in 100% organic cotton gauze.

Ambas is embraced by fashion iconic characters such as Kate Moss, Uma Thurman and Caroline de MonacoBeautiful timeless brand for contemporary women. Check out this stunning collection! Follow them on Instagram! Happy Holidays to everyone! <3

ambas 1- sound of beauty style

ambas 2- sound of beauty style

ambas 3- sound of beauty style

ambas 7- sound of beauty style

ambas 6- sound of beauty style

ambas 5- sound of beauty style

ambas 8- sound of beauty style

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    Love this post of Sound of Beauty and Ambas !