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The effortless chic style is the latest stamp. Wearing products designed with a little twist and permanence through time is what is “in style” nowadays. This italian brand named Ambas, has expanded this ideology. Created by Sophie Galeras y Mollinedo in Italy, Ambas has develop an amazing concept : beach wear style, classy and natural simplicity based on natural fibers.

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Located in Rome, Tokyo, and New York, Ambas will launch it´s collection at the Bon Marché Paris on February 15th 2014. The main focus is directed to lightness, fineness and fashion. AMBAS collection, based on its emblem organic cotton gauze, a noble and simple fabric, will accompany us through the next coming summer. Alluring and fascinating style!

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Kate Moss wearing Ambas!

Ambas website: www.ambas.it

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