1. Trilogy - Sound of Beauty alta Natural skin products have always been my first option when I want to take care of my skin. I found this amazing product line name Trilogy, created in 2002 by Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot, originally from New Zealand, who discovered powerful  benefits of rosehip oil for skin.  I’ve been reading a few blogs and tips on how to take care of your skin and have noticed that Rosehip is a great option! It’s easy to apply and refreshes your skin in an effortless natural way. Triology also uses its trademarked Rosapene seed oil, which is made of rosehip oils, cranberry seed oils, and antioxidants from tomato seed and acai berry oils. The Rosehip seed oil nourishes, hydrates, repairs, rejuvenates and strengthens your skin and it feels fantastic!  What I loved about Trilogy’s products  is that not only do they help your skin feel and look good, but they also have a Social Responsibility mission and use Certified Organic ingredients.  Trilogy rosehips oils have had many awards including Instyle Magazine as the Best Beauty Buys in 2016. I highly recommend this beauty line and I can already feel the results!  See the products below and check out their website ( here). Happy Thursday beautiful people xo, Mila

2. Trilogy - Sound of Beauty

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