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A month ago a heard about Drum & Lace, an audio development company that creates custom sounds and rhythms for fashion brands. Drum & Lace founder, Sofia Hulquist, definitely nailed it. Music and Fashion are compliments to one another and she focuses her passions on these two synergies. Sofia was born in Florence and from an early age she was surrounded by amazing stylish ladies, fashion houses and people who worked in textiles. Sofia later moved to NY where she had the chance to meet emerging designers trying to get their brands off the ground. Sofia understood that there was a necessity to help emerging designers create a musical voice stamp that would reflect their brands and aesthetics. With her knowledge of music (graduate of Berklee and NYU) and her passion for fashion within a few weeks she launched Drum & Lace. Currently she develops music for runway shows, events, videos, campaigns, interactive media, establish and up-and-coming designers. Below you can see a few videos with her amazing work, check them out!

DVF – Video – Fall 2014

Paper Denim & Cloth

Lotuff Leather 

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