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Francisca Tuca is a Chilean Fashion Designer who recently launched her collection “Cielo Sur”. I loved the concept of her brand, she created garments with a finer edge and permanence through time, generating a style that respond to a need that has content, identity and vision. We were class mates in Fashion School , I`ve  always admired her work and I love her designs.

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Cielo Sur collection is based by simple structures with innovation adaptable to any body shape. She works with noble fibers, standing out the handmade value added in details. Her inspiration began accidentally coming into an astronomy class, in which she says  she didn`t learn much but she was hooked by the sky. Thats when Tuca started to see it in different places and timings, generating a language composed by: gradients, stains, constellations, lines and routes. You can see her collection at “Tienda Verde”  /Puedes ver su colección en Tienda Verde

Here is the link of the video “Cielo Sur”:

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