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Hi everyone! I’m going to show you a selection of sheer tops from AMB Boutique that have cool and unique prints. First let me give you a little background about the brand: AMB Boutique is a contemporary line founded in 2003 by Chilean designer and creative director Ana Maria Bartley. She brought the original sheer tops to the US dance apparel market and they quickly became a staple in the dance world. AMB Boutique is her contemporary boutique line inspired by the colors and beauty of dance. AMB Boutique specializes in one-size adaptable sheer tops and seamless fabrics. Most styles are manufactured in Chile, then hand dyed and embellished with a unique edge at AMB’s headquarters in Miami.  I love the sheer tops selection- super comfy and made of great material. These tops are the perfect layering  pieces for fall.

Seamless Cami with Parisian Leopard Print Shop here

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Paris Paris Crew Neck Sheer Top  Shop here:

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Faded Safari Crew Neck Sheer Top Shop here:

You can purchase them online on the company`s website  and also with this coupon you’ll get a 20% discount off your first purchase! Just use the the code“sound of beauty” .

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Photographer: Melanie Bartley

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