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I`m pretty sure that most of us want to create our own clothing, especially when you know what items fit you well. You can use the same pattern and make different alterations to it. The problem is that traditional patterns are way to complicated, and you end up dropping your little “project” because it takes too much time to develop. That is why I would like to introduce you to this new and easy way of creating patterns. Garmenter, is an online shop where you can buy basic patterns and receive guidance to construct different designs without complicating your life.

garmenter sound of beauty

Julia Malmquist Jungman, founder and CEO of Garment, believes that with a little guidance, anyone who has the interest and willingness to experiment can make clothes. Garmenter is for those creative individuals, who understand the pleasure that comes from making clothes, but who are not necessarily experienced tailors. 

It consists of one single sewing pattern for each type of garment (skirt, dress, etc.), which comes directly printed on muslin fabric so that a prototype can easily be made and fitted. This fitted basic pattern can then be used as a base to be altered into endless designs, either after the projects they feature on the  website or your own.

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I loved this project! Thanks Julia for developing this amazing idea :  )

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Here you can see how to create an “Olivia Dress”

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