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A few months ago I read this book and it truly helped me to organize my thoughts about my beloved career: Fashion. There is a wide variety of activities and expressions in this field, could be related to something artistic, technical skills or business.

book creative careers in fashion

Fashion designer º Pattermakingº Merchandiser º Stylist º Model º Buyer º Fashion Editor º Fashion Forecaster º Sales Representative º Costume Design º Makeup Artist º Textile Design º Aesthetician º Art direction º Photographer

These are some of the thirty references that she summarizes in five topics: Design & Development; Merchandising; Media & Visual Talent;Publishing & Marketing; Entrepreneurs and Education. Creative Careers in Fashion provides details on how the market is running, future job opportunities, job locations, expert advice from successful artists already working in the industry and also and extensive chapter of Education. Is an excellent guideline especially for people in this field that usually takes on too much. You can definitely do a little bit of everything, the key is to know what you are good at and then have the ability to multitask without loosing your goal. You can buy it on Amazon

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