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A few days ago I watched a stunning documentary on Diane Vreeland. She is big inspiration, and an amazing, powerful and wonderful woman who created beauty and magic. The Eye needs to travel through her documentary that show her professional life and her legacy in fashion. Diane had this taste for the extraordinary and for  extremes. Magazines used to be about how should women fit in with their husbands or cook a pie. But she said “ pie? Who cares about pie! ( laughing )” . That is when everything changed….she gave fantasy to fashion.

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For the first time, models became personalities instead of simple maniquins. Diane made it OK for women to be ambicious and to be in charge of their own lives, also to push their faults forward and convert them into the most beautiful thing about them.

Her education was “the world”, through her journeys and experiences she created beauty and wealth. Vreeland brought  people into a modern period. Back then she was a revolutionary of fashion, arts, society and music… free expression without boundaries under a global perspective. That was her trade mark.

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  • Super inspiring to see women like Diana in charge of her own life and doing what she loved! thanks for sharing 🙂

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