simple details botons1

I decided to renovate this blouse, I thought to myself that it was totally worth it! Not always you can find a silk blouse in Goodwill. So I bought it for 4 dollars and I chose to add a little added value, buttons… as simple as that! For me the button is essential, could work as a complement or an ornament that enhance the garment. Buttons: gold /minimalistic and heart shape for the sleeves, it looks great, same hues. Simple process,unstitch and sew. Simplest details make a big difference!

simple details botons



heart boton


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  • mayra

    Me encantó!!! pensamos parecido, yo hice lo mismo , eso si que me salieron $500 las blusas de seda, le puse botones de vidrio..quedaron geniales!, tienes algunas pág. donde salgan mas DIY?..suerte!!

    • Mila_Junge

      Hola Mayra! Me parece genial que hayas hecho lo mismo, es algo super sencillo que puede hacer una gran diferencia en tu tenida 😉
      Estoy desarrollando DIY en el blog, cada semana posteo uno.