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Anne Valerie Hash is one of my favorite fashion designers. Born and raised in Paris, she graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Before Anne launched her brand she worked for Dior, Channel, Lacroix and Ricci. She started out putting a twist on men`s clothing, but now she is increasingly taking a more feminine and gentle approach. Recently she has explored high tech fabrics, including metallic and iridescent made by the swiss manufacture Jakob Schlaepfer. Her drapery is influenced by Ancient Greece. The combination of these techniques make her style very unique. Personally I love her designs, simple, striking silhouette, classy and contemporary. Also the application of material that she uses is amazing, very chic and fashion forward.

anne valerie hash 2

2013 Spring / Electric Nude

anne valerie hash 3

2009 Spring collection

anne valerie hash 4

2013 Fall collection

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