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Hi everyone! Here is my new creation, linen curtains! When I just moved to my new apartment I found  bad treated curtains, uneven and each with a different structure. I didn’t like them at all! The first thing that came up was to buy a fabric and create new ones! I had this feeling that it was completely necessary to buy linen ( very razonable price and good quality) I couldn`t avoid it and I`ll tell you why. My mum (Marcela) started  “Colomba” in 1982. She created a clothing line collection a classic and contemporary style for women. So practically I grew up surrounded by fabrics and ateliers. Colomba, today has a lifestyle proposal, expanding the line of products to clothing and Home collection. Linen is the essential fabric for Colomba, it is a beautiful and resistant fabric. As a consequence I always have been attached to natural fibers. Today Marcela works as a  designer and owner, in Santiago Chile and  I as Product/ Manager in L.A.

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  • Me encanta ver como el estilo y sensibilidad con las telas se renueva contigo !
    Están muy lindas las cortinas Mila .. le dan mucha calidez y estilo a tus espacios.
    tu mamá , Marcela