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Last Saturday I went to a class called “Introduction to Styling” organized by School of Style and located at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood. School of Style is “The Fashion School for Stylists”  founded in 2008 by stylist Luke Storey who also works with the fashion expert Lauren Messiah. It was a pleasure to have met all these major stylist who have worked and rocked the Fashion Industry:  Simone Harouche, Stylist & Designer (Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus  and Nicole Richie); Sam Saboura, Stylist, Fashion Expert, TV Personality (Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Anniston); Daria Hines, Stylist ( Pharrell Williams, Justin Bierber, John Mayer and Black Eyed Peas); Laurie Brucker, Personal Stylist (Seen in The New York Times & Women`s Wear Daily).

It was wonderful to hear their experiences as well as their vision, passion and knowledge about fashion. School of Style teaches individuals how to deal with the real Fashion World.  It really helps understand the different career paths in Styling. I always say that ” Styling” is the key to empower fashion. Yet, is much more than that. It is about selecting, collaborating, learning from others and also developing your own stamp in terms of aesthetics. School of Style complements two fundamental keys: understanding on how the business works and also developing the artistic side of being a stylist. I totally recommend School of Style! Below you can see the upcoming classes in LA and NY.  For more information check out their website here:

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Lauren Messiah & Luke Storey with Monica Rose

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Photos – School of Style

These are the following upcoming classes they will teach in LA and New York:

Stylist Certification -JAN-24 TO FEB-01 (LA) –  FEB-28 TO MAR-08 ( New York)

Introduction to Styling – MAR-21 (LA) – JUN-05 ( New York)

Personal Styling -JUN-06 TO JUN-07 ( LA) – APR-11 TO APR-12 ( New York) 

Menswear Styling – APR-18 TO APR-19 ( LA) –  JUN-09 TO JUN-10 (New York)

The Shoot – APR-25 ( LA) – JUN-13 ( New York)

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