1. Tulum Sound of Beauty I’ve always been hooked by this magical and stunning place, Tulum. Now that I just came back I already miss it!  Tulum has beautiful landscapes, food, culture, people and vibe… I had a blast! Yes, indeed it is like paradise, yet it has so much more to offer! Would love to share my experience with you, I was lucky and went to the hottest spots, had people giving us the best tips and stayed at an amazing hotel, Coco Tulum. Coco Tulum is located on the beach side of the town, it feels like you’re in a little “village” where there are Rustic Cabañas right next to the shore of the ocean.  I loved their Eco chic style, they invite you to live a similar experience to “Glamping”,  Luxury Camping with an elevated approach. Their design aesthetics have a sense of ” rustic minimalism” living simple and natural with a stylish look. The Beach Club of the hotel is right next to the ocean with the best view you can ever have. Coco Tulum also works with the Restaurant Juanita Diavola which has the best pizzas in town! My favorite was the  ” Cuatro Formaggi” you can go to the restaurant which is located at the main entrance of the hotel or order at the beach; the second option was always my favorite! I also recommend their Empanadas, Tuna Carpaccio and Guacamole of course! Now, what are the top things to do? See more of my trip below 😉

TULUM FOTOS sound of beauty 3. Tulum Sound of Beauty Beach 4. Tulum Sound of Beauty Coco tulum beach 5. Tulum Sound of Beauty Coco Tulum 6. Tulum Sound of Beauty - Tobi After you have rested enough at the beach, I’m sure you want to explore the surroundings! Transportation in Tulum is easy, the best way to move around during the day is by bike or vespa. I recommend taking taxis during the evening or at night. Me and my husband rented a vespa at the beginning, to save time and go to places like the Mayan Ruins. Visiting the Ruins in Tulum is a must! It was amazing to see all these old buildings/ structures built during the Post Classic Period, around 500 year ago. Luckily they have preserved them in great conditions until today. Buildings like El Castillo, The Template of the Descending God, Stella and others were the only Mayan Ruins built by the sea.  Advise, take a hat and wear a ton of sunscreen, trust me you´ll need it!

14. Tulum Sound of Beauty Ruinas Mayas Dos Ojos Cenotes is also a must! Yes, it is very touristic, although is something that you have to do in Tulum. It’s very impressive to see these flooded caves which are close to the ocean. In the middle of a rustic area you’ll see this magical and stunning place. If you can snorkel, please do! It’s very impressive to see the underwater world in a Cenote.

5. Cenotes 8 . Tulum Sound of Beauty Cenotes 9. Tulum Sound of Beauty Cenotes If you’re willing to travel around don’t miss Chichen Itza, located at the northern of Yucatan Peninsula. It is very arid and hot, also wear sunscreen and a hat! There are many options to visit this place, tours where you stop by in different local places and in a slower motion. My advice is to live the ” traveler” experience instead of the ” touristic ” one. You get to know the place way better and also understand more about their culture. Recommendation, rent a car and go with your friends / partner and wake up early.  We woke up at 6:30am and  at 7:15am were on the road to avoid traffic. I’m not a fan of big crowds specially when you are under the sun with more than 90 F ( 32 ºC or more). The are many Tour Guide guys at the entrance of the place. Talk to them and see if you can have a private guide for Chichen Itza. Most of them are part of the Mayan culture and you can tell they speak from the heart. The ones I met spoke the language and still live in a Mayan community, which I thought was very cool.

10. Tulum Sound of Beauty Chichen itza . El Castillo Pyramid, the template of Kukulkan with the Feathered Serpent. Structure that shows the Chichen Itza Equinox during spring and fall.

11. Tulum Sound of Beauty Chichen itza The lifestyle in Tulum is great. Everyone is super friendly and always gives you advice on where are the best spots! Restaurants that I recommend are: Juanita Diavola at Coco Tulum HotelHartwood (make a reservation the same day at 3pm, you have to go to the actual place), Casa Banana, Arca, Matteos for tacos ( Fish Tacos were my favorite) and Posada Margarita which I loved! To go out : Gitano on Fridays, Papaya Playa on Saturdays and Coco Tulum on Sundays! They play great music with Dj´s and bands at the beach during the day.

12. Tulum Sound of Beauty Rustic Places . There were many Fashion stores with interesting concepts… obviously something that captures my attention… as usual! There were many stores with an Eco Chic style, effortless and flowy pieces made in natural fibers. I felt I was in my element!  I had the pleasure to see Cynthia Conrans collection. Innovative simple and versatile garments with an edge. Her line is very now, great quality and easy pieces that make you feel comfortable and stunning! You can see more about their line on Instagram and Facebook.  Calo store and KM 33 also have beautiful products. They promote artisan work and gorgeous items as well. Their accessories are super unique. I bought a healing stone ring at Calo.

13. Tulum Sound of Beauty Cynthia Also… if you want to see more, please go to Bacalar, you’re not going to regret it! One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!  It was also a city of the Mayan Civilization and used to be a battle point with the Spanish Conquistadores. Check out the San Felipe Fort that explains in detail how these Conquistadores ended up going there and what happened back then. If you have some time I recommend staying there for one or two nights. Maybe like this Airstream you see below? Ahhhh it would be my dream come true!!

17. Tulum Sound of Beauty Bacalar Again, there are many options to explore this place, if you’re with your own crew and want to have your own party I suggest renting a bigger boat and discovering the Cenotes around! We went with a guy name Alberto that we met at the Kai Pez restaurant. At the restaurant also try their Fish tacos and Guacamole!

15. Tulum Sound of Beauty Bacalar 18. Tulum Sound of Beauty coco tulum I’m sure there are many other ways to see this magical place. What I can tell you guys is that it is even better than I thought it was! Once you’re there treat yourself! Practice yoga in the morning, go for a run at the beach, try kitesurfing and paddle-boarding, massages and of course… peace of mind. That is the whole purpose of going there, right?  Disconnect, relax and embrace the vibe of Tulum. There is so much to do! I’m in love with Tulum and would love to go back again… soon! <3


“La tarde me dio” de Centavrs

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