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Grace Coddington the Creative Director of Vogue, tells her story in her autobiography “ Grace”. Beautiful, charming and witty woman who changes the fashion statement through her unique, spontaneous manners with “ no- nonsense” attitude and an unerring visual instinct. Born and raised in Wales, Grace left her town at the age of eighteen to work as a model in London. She quickly became a face on the Sixties, a time where all was happening in London: free expressions, liberty, and fashion revolution. She worked with Vidal Sassoon (hair stylist), Norman Parkinson and David Bailey ( top photographers) among many other fashion figures. Surviving a serious car-crash, she later became a fashion editor in British Vogue and then the Creative Director of American Vogue.

Grace Coddigton

Grace has worked for fashion for more than forty years. She became “more public” after the September Issue Documentary that shows the daily life at Vogue. Here they show her relationship with Anne Wintour, productions/styling and her natural down-to-earth way of being. In her book she reveals her private world, describing her modeling career, two marriages, styling experience, and her beloved career of fashion. I totally recommend this book. A delightful and amazing story from one of the most remarkable figures in fashion, known for her beautiful styling creations and her Fashion Fantasy trademark.


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