Last weekend I went to SF and stopped by in Uniqlo. Uniqlo`s first store was opened in Japan in 1984. It is a subsidiary of Fast Retailing, a big public company  that owns  brands such as J BRAND and Comptoir des Cotonniers. They have three locations in the US: New York, New Jersey and San Francisco.

Uniqlo is expanding around the globe developing a clothing line for EVERYONE, trascending all categories and social groups, going beyond age, gender,occupation or ethnicity. In other words the idea is to reach a Fashion Democracy. This is a trend or better yet a necessity that stems from globalization and cultural exchange.


I really like their basics, the fabrics and material are amazing! It isn`t the type of cheap clothes that last for a year, they projet long lasting life. Design concept: Universal codes & unique style. www.uniqlo.com


FYI, Uniqlo is Japanese, this song is Korean 😉

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